Let's bid
adieu to plastic
for good!

Switch now!

Let's bid
adieu to plastic
for good!

Switch now!

Will we make it to the 4th Second?

Our time on earth

  • Earth is 4.5 million years old.
  • Mankind is 140 thousand years old.
  • If we compress the earth’s life to 24 hours,
  • we (mankind) have been on Earth for just 3 seconds!

Our impact on earth

In just 3 seconds, we have littered the planet with billions of tonnes of plastic. To even think of entering the 4th second on Earth, we need to switch to a sustainable lifestyle and give up plastic.

When the
destruction began...

Plastic was invented in the late 19th century and production only took off around 1950. Out of the 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic that has been produced, more than 6.9 billion tonnes have become waste.

Destroying the

Around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. In total, half of all the plastic produced is used only once and then thrown away in bins from where it finds its way to landfills. Tons and tons of plastic are burnt in landfills, which in turn emit toxic gasses that pollute the air and harm every living being on Earth.

Choking up
the oceans

80% of the plastic that’s on the land is swept by the rainwater into the drains and sewers, ending up in the ocean. Once in the ocean, it disintegrates slowly into micro plastic which destroys marine life.

The rate at which plastic is being produced, landfills will have
12 billion metric tonnes of plastic by 2050.

What can you do?

Switch Now!