Kiss the sustainable chef

Make cooking up a storm more sustainable with these simple steps.


Before you go on and oblige to what we suggested in our title, make sure they tick off this rigorous list of ingredients that maketh ‘A Sustainable Chef’. Each chef would have to be judged on resource conservation, waste management, sustainable sourcing and storing, and much more! After all, it’s not easy to choose a suitable boy – sorry, be A Sustainable Chef. 

 Here’s a list of questions designed to judge whether your kitchen habits are sustainable living compatible – 

How do you shop for supplies and groceries? 

If your organically grown and sourced produce comes in single-use plastic bags, you’re doing sustainability wrong, my friend. It is not enough to just buy eco-friendly and sustainable products but to also eliminate any practices or steps that may prove to be unsustainable. For example, make sure you use eco-friendly carry bags while carrying supplies from the market to your home. The Rusabl Foldable Tote Bag is #TotesASaviour! From shopping tote bags to sustainable produce bags, make sure you store and shop sustainably, without using single-use plastic. Compostable garbage bags, natural cleaning products and most importantly recycling will definitely take you a long way!

Are you draining your energy and the planet’s resources? 

Cooking is quite a tiring task. While some replenish their own energies while they make a meal, the affair of cooking is bound to tire you and use the earth’s energy resources. It may be okay to feel drained, but draining resources is not cool! So, switching off the microwave after heating, not wasting burner gas, making sure the lights are switched off when not in use and minimising water wastage and usage are simple ways to curb resource wastage and do your part. 

How do you eat when you’re not at home? 

A Sustainable Chef also cares about what leaves their kitchen and never allows anything that is disposable. From coffee filters to containers to cutlery, make sure everything is reusable. Even better if it’s Rusabl! ;) 

PS: We award brownie points to anyone who uses Rusabl Steelery. 

Do you even compost bro?

A lot of kitchen waste is biodegradable. With every step that A Sustainable Chef takes towards running a zero-waste kitchen, composting takes them the furthest. Especially when some of the kitchen waste can even be used to grow your own produce! 

Nothing feels like “doing enough” when it comes to saving the planet. But the way small tweaks make a big difference in recipes, small acts of eco-friendly living make a big difference to Mother Earth. 

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