Sustainable Living: Level 1

Living the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Sustainable living is like pulling the holy grail against the demons of global warming. It’s the smallest yet the most monumental step that we can take to save our planet.

But what is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that focuses on reducing an individual’s or society’s consumption of natural resources. With conscious transportation, production, and consumption, it aims to control the carbon or ecological footprint. 

Sustainable living aims to achieve an environmental equilibrium which is sometimes called ‘net-zero living’. In other words, give back to planet earth, everything you take from it. Unfortunately, substances like plastic make it harder to achieve this equilibrium. And of course, achieving zero environmental impact is a difficult feat, but companies like us are working towards taking small steps every day. 

Wondering how you can help? That’s why we’re here! 

In a previous blog, we covered how fantastic and fabulous life can be without plastic. Which is why quitting plastic is the first step. But our tryst with sustainability doesn’t end there. Here are a few more steps that will help you graduate Sustainability: Level 1: 

Watch what you’re buying and throwing away 

Choosing sustainability is easy. All it takes is to be conscious. Choosing plastic-free, biodegradable, and sustainable products as alternatives to daily essentials is a way to start. But given that plastic is so deeply rooted in our economy, doing so may seem hard at first. 

While plastic is unavoidable in some forms like packaging, containers, etc, seeking sustainable alternatives and recycling or repurposing anything that cannot be reused is very important. We have to make a conscious decision to buy eco-friendly products instead of the plastic ones.

Grow your own greens, veggies, fruits… whatever you can!

Food that comes out of your own garden travels less compared to store-bought produce, hence has a much lower carbon footprint. Because it doesn’t require packaging, it also is completely void of plastic!

Apart from being great for the environment, growing your own can be great for health too! It helps you avoid any harmful chemicals that get used in pesticides and insecticides. Complement growing and carrying your own food with Rusabl's eco-friendly cutlery set to lead a more sustainable life.

See? What is good for you, can be good for the planet too!

Save resources, it saves money!

It is no news that the earth’s resources cannot be replenished easily. This also means conserving water when you’re brushing away with bamboo toothbrushes. Turn resource conservation on by turning the tap off! It’s as easy as that! Switching off the lights when you’re not using them, switching to solar-powered heaters, using as much as natural light as is possible – are some more ways to do sustainability right.

Commuting with friends is eco-friendly! 

Or you could make new friends while using public transport! Honestly, a share-cab meet-cute is our favourite beginning to a love story. Only because it’s a little more sustainable than hiring an individual cab. So the next time you’re out and about to shop with your eco-friendly carry bags, or eating out with the company of your Rusabl Steelery, make sure you’re travelling sustainably too!

Be more vocal for local!

The beauty of an international market is the access and availability that it brings. But, when things travel across the world to land at your doorstep, imagine the number of resources that are being spent on them! It’s ridiculous. Shopping locally doesn’t just minimise the energy consumption behind every A to Z delivery but also helps you save some green and catch more Zs because of all the carbon footprint you’re not leaving behind! While you're supporting your local vendors, don’t forget to carry one of Rusabl’s organic shopping tote bags to prevent the using non-biodegradable plastic bags.

While these three steps may seem easy-peasy, making the switch has to be a conscious effort. At Rusabl, our range of products ensures that you can make the switch easily and affordably with long use items that make your life sloooooooow. Or at least your consumption patterns. 

Sustainability has to be achieved as a social, economical and political effort, but it all starts with you (following us on social media and subscribing to our emailers!)

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