Our brand story

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

When we look back, it is astonishing to see how our journey began with an idea that revolved around the concept of ‘minimalism’ grew into something so much more than what we had imagined it to be. The concept of minimalism grew into a philosophy to give birth to our brand Minimo in November 2018. We were thrilled and eager to design products that minimalists across the country would resonate with. And within a short span of time, we were able to gain thousands of loyal customers who not only bought our products but also gave feedback that helped us grow. It was their genuine response that gave us a sense of surety of being on the right track. But as they say, the only definite thing in the world is change and it only happens with time, it was ‘time’ that unwrapped certain things for us. It showed us that how we were merely getting started for a thousand miles journey and the foundation years were only one step towards the end goal. 

Opportunity amidst challenges 

A few months after our inception, challenges came knocking at our door and we were surrounded with obstacles. Going through a tough time made us revisit our history and dive deep to introspect. It was there that we found a silver lining! A gateway to opportunity opened for us to make us realize how our belief within is greater than just the idea of minimalism. The greater purpose of our products and the resolve to reach our full potential pushed us to broaden our horizons.

A path to sustainability

The planet that we breathe on every day is what allows ideas and beliefs to sustain. From its resources to its contribution to our lives, mother earth truly does nurture our lives more than we acknowledge. All things withstanding, at the core of our beliefs, we found that because this planet is the only one we have, we wanted to protect it for generations to come. We believe it is everyone’s moral duty. Having said that, the road to introspection drove us closer to building a world where everybody gives back and grows consciously. And so, we evolved to Rusabl.

Building a sustainable world

We resonate deeply with the market’s need and the consumer’s want for sustainable products and alternatives. We see the struggles involved in making the switch and we believe that it is our job to overcome those for you one step at a time. 

Rusabl aims to make your hustling lifestyle a sustainable one by introducing a path which is affordable and doable for all. We want to build a world where every person can live a conscious life. We want to help you buy eco-friendly products that supplement and complement your lifestyle to make the switch to green living easier. In doing so, we want to make sure everything we do is sustainable, affordable and reusable.

It’s Rusabl

Our journey so far has only inspired us to embrace the process of eco-innovation and further persist in our quest to provide you with clean and greener solutions. The hiccups on the path and the opportunities we’ve been grateful to have, only built our vision more profoundly with a hankering to make sustainability a way of life and not a luxury. From bamboo toothbrushes to eco-friendly straws, we are trying to make daily essentials that can easily replace everyday plastic items. And one day, the little kid in us hopes that we will have replaced all the plastic there is! It’s going to be a fun journey. Tag along!

Sharing is caring and it is also resource saving.

So share our story with anyone you’d like to introduce us to and tag along on our journey. Let’s tell the world – if it’s sustainable and affordable, it’s Rusabl!

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