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It’s sustainable, affordable, usable and Rusabl! 

With the festive season around the corner, the most difficult task at hand has returned. We hate to ask you this question, but – what are you giving your loved ones this festive season? 

Undoubtedly, a gift for your loved ones has to be thoughtful. While a personal gift is timeless, a gift that is actually useful is always remembered. When it comes to choosing between the two, going with either option just seems unfair. To overcome this dilemma, we have put together a list of thoughtful (read: sustainable) gifts that you can give each type of friend. 

  1. Aesthetic King or Queen
    Have a friend who takes a million pictures of a cold coffee from Starbucks before drinking it, while getting it, while drinking it, even after finishing it? We suspect they will love our straw-nning eco-friendly straws.

    Our Stainless Steel Straws are easy to carry and lightweight – which means super easy to carry to any coffee shop or bar or just absolutely anywhere! In 5 beautiful, metallic colours, we are sure your friend would love these in all colours.

  2. The Utilitarian
    Is there a gift that is useless for a utilitarian?! No way! That’s gifting blasphemy! We have the perfect gift for the friend who seeks the most use out of anything they buy – The Rusabl Steelery Set.

    This cool, eco-friendly cutlery set contains a spoon, fork, straw and straw cleaner forged from 100% stainless steel. These come in a cotton pouch that makes it easy to carry and store used and unused cutlery. The pouch itself is made of jute with a small waterproof compartment that makes it convenient to even carry used or wet cutlery. We even use it to store cash when we’re out binging.

  3. Partner in Pandemic Paranoia 

We all have a friend who has been freaking out with us all through the pandemic. It would only make sense to give this friend a ‘new normal gift’. A mask, of course!

The Rusabl Face Mask has three layers of protection which includes a removable layer made of tissue paper to filter out the bad stuff and the paranoia. Because it is made of cotton, it is washable, reusable, and sustainable!

PS: You could even get them the Rusabl New Normal Must-Haves Combo and save money!

  1. The Monica Geller

Have a friend who cooks with early signs of OCD? Give them a set of Rusabl Produce Bags to keep their veggies, fruits, and leafies in order. These 100% cotton bags are 100% breathable and secure what goes in and keep out everything else.

We’re sure your friend is bound to order them for more than just their veggies.

  1. The Shopaholic
    The shopaholic’s truest trait – any walk to the park, a cab ride back from work or even an evening walk can turn into a shopping spree! Trust us, every day is a good day to empower your friend to make a shopping bag out of nothing. Perhaps now they will stop calling you to carry their bags? Who knows.

    In any case, the Rusabl Portable Shopping Tote Bags will find the way to any shop connoisseur’s heart with its ability to carry a whopping 15 kgs! It sure packs a lot of heat in a really small pack.

  1. Sustainable and Special Friend
    How could we forget the one you’re spending nights texting with, perhaps someone you’re having countless virtual dates with or even your best friend! We have the perfect gift for you. Something they will remember, but the planet will easily forget. It’s our Gifting Hampers, carefully curated not to dig into your savings.

    Wasn’t that an exhaustive list! In case you needed another reason to take our completely sustainable, super thoughtful suggestions seriously, we urge you to consider that we actually hyperlinked all of them. Thank you for scrolling up. 

If you’re still reading this, here’s a bonus gift filled with sustainable products and a lot of love. The bonus is gifts that are customisable!

Click here and write to us to customise your extra special festive gifts. 

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