Life without plastic, pretty fantastic

Ditch the toxic products, friends, and exes. ;)


For years, we’ve fought the battle against plastic and finally, we are raising a generation that will defeat and eradicate plastic completely. 

After all, we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly. So before we can tell you about how to make the switch, let us tell you why you need to make the switch – 

It’s a simple calculation – humankind has spent 140 thousand years on the earth. But the earth is 4.5 million years old. If we compress the earth’s life to 24 hours, we have spent just 3 seconds on the earth! And in just 3 seconds, we have littered it with tonnes, and tonnes of plastic. BILLIONS! So, to even think about entering the fourth second on earth, we need to make a switch away from plastic, towards sustainable products. Give back what we take and carefully so. Which makes quitting plastic consumption anywhere possible, the first logical step. Because if we don’t quit, or don’t use it slower (at least), by 2050, 12 billion metric tonnes of plastic will be dumped in landfills. That’s going to do a lot of damage.
A LOT OF DAMAGE. (Does saying it in all caps make you take us more seriously?)

The situation is dire and the switch is our only option. It is time we take the pledge to buy eco-friendly products and make a real impact on our environment.

So how does one quit plastic when it is rooted so deeply into everything we consume and buy? It’s simple – find alternatives. Here are some ways to make the switch to sustainable products:

Make it a motto, carry your bag wherever you go

In India, our households are infamous for a bag with a bag that holds multiple bags. And most of them are plastic. While reusing them is necessary, denying them takes priority. And that’s Step 1! Carrying your own cloth bag.

Portable, aesthetic, and easy-to-carry foldable jute bags are the ones to try. Our Rusabl Cloth Bag is one of our adorable eco-friendly carry bags. It makes every shopping trip sustainable, responsible, and enjoyable! After all, nobody likes carrying a band of bags.

Bottle-up the plastic bottles 

Plastic bottles generally quench your thirst a whole of one time and then end up in a landfill. Similarly, plastic bottles that we buy for daily use also break, get lost, basically – end up in a landfill somewhere. These aren’t the kind of gifts we want to leave for our children, their children, and the many grandchildren that will come after, do we?

Switching to glass bottles is an aesthetic but too conscious a decision to make since you always have to be conscious of not dropping it! A great sustainable, stylish and sip-worthy alternative is our Bamboo Steel Flask. It’s meticulously designed to be zero-waste and BPA-free, making your drinks absolutely chemical-free. You don’t even need to step out of your house, because you can buy your new bamboo bottle online!

Serene, sustainable mornings

With sustainability on our mind, why be tooth-brush blind? Starting your mornings with a plastic toothbrush is just as bad as that rhyme! Just imagine the number of toothbrushes you’ve used in your lifetime and then multiply that number by the number of people that have ever existed on the planet. Crazy, right? And we’re not even all the same age!

Which is why we strongly recommend starting your mornings sustainably with the Rusabl Bamboo Toothbrush, an eco-friendly toothbrush. This is a wooden toothbrush you can put in your mouth and the ground completely guilt-free! It’s organic and will reduce the accumulation of plastic in our oceans. The BPA-free nature of the bristles with activated charcoal in bamboo toothbrushes make them completely safe for your mouth too. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t ditch the plastic toothbrush!

No disposables, yes to reusables

Eating out is our biggest guilty pleasure. After all, who can resist the gobble-worthy scents of freshly cooked unhealthy food? We don’t mean to shame you about eating out, but we do mean to shame you about the disposable plastic that you use every time you eat out. Trust us, eating out becomes a little more guilt-free when you carry your own cutlery. Steel straws, spoons and forks got nothing on their plastic alternatives! Check out the Rusabl Steelery Set. It comes sheathed in a fabulous pouch that has more uses than you could ever imagine. With this eco-friendly cutlery set, you’ll be saving the environment every time you decide to eat! Isn’t that something to boast about?

It is not an easy switch to sustainable products, we agree. But we are dedicated to bringing it a click closer with every product that we engineer. To stay updated on product launches, sales, and other news, subscribe to our emails! They’re super useful, hence zero-waste. 

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